Frequently asked questions

Do you have samples?

Yes and No. We have stim pack, which are single serving to go packets of some or our supplements but not all of them. These can be purchased for less than what a 30 day tub would cost.

Why do you charge for Stim Packs?

We are not a large company and the cost of producing samples or free stim packs are not in our budget at this time. The pricing of the Stim Packs are calculated with free shipping so we break even on them when they are purchased.

How long does it take for my items to be delivered?

Our accessories and supplements are warehoused locally and generally ship within one business day. We provide free shipping and use USPS. The time in transit varies by location but generally we see items being delievered within 2-5 days anywhere in the USA. Our Apparel is fufilled by a print on demand service and ships seperately. When the order is recieved the info is passed to our partners to create package and ship the product. Due to this extra step we see 7-10 day lead times before the items are actually delievered.

Will you sponser me?

The chances are that we will not sponser you. We have been in business since 2017 and are focused on growth. We get request from a lot fitness and MMA fighters who do not have a following. We understand you are trying to grow your following as we are too and the return we need to see in order to sponser someone is increased traffic and sales.