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Free Sample Give Away Update

So we did something either genius level or stupid not sure yet. As a company you have a few ways you can reach new clients across the USA. A lot of us smaller guys depend on Facebook and Instagram advertisements.

The problem with social media ads is everyone is doing it and people are undulated with so much BS that they don't care anymore. We wasted so much money on ads that turned out very little ROI. I mean we just want people to try our shit!

Then the lightbulb comes - lets just give it away. Make it something small so it doesn't kill us but make it worthwhile that someone would listen. Yah we seen this before hey try my supplements for free and then get auto billed later for a subscription or try our product but just pay 9 dollars for shipping - well those suck and are dishonest as all hell. How do we do it to remain true to our vision?

We took it from the Turbo tax guys - "free free free free free" FREE means FREE. Why would you pay anything if it's free? So we are sending out samples to potential new clients FREE. we found out it would cost us 80 cents to mail out a sample pack in standard non tracked letters.

So do we pay 1000 dollars for ads that yield little results or do we just invest that in sample postage? The idea behind the ads is to reach people but we are reaching more people by letting them just try our product.

We started with a goal of 200 mailings - we already crushed that. We upped it to 1000 mailings and will probably up that once we reach that goal.

Sorry for our long time customers this is valid to new guys only and we only ship to one address once. Yeah we had some guys try to order to the same addresses six times using different names and different email addresses but we just cancelled the other five orders.

By reaching new clients our customer base continues to grow and this will allow us to bring exciting new products to market with larger market share. We are a completely boot strap funded business so the key to our success is to reach more people and grow organically.

https://www.zeusjuiceonline.com/advert simple but effective advertisement :)

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