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Getting Jacked Trent Bolton Style

So I, Derek am pretty vocal and active on the blog social media where Trent the other half of ZeusJuice spends his day getting jacked AF. He is our supplement genie pig.

ZeusJuice began because two friends wanted to work out together. One (trent) who has been lifting for years and dieting right and the other (derek) who blew up after having kids and only knew 12oz curls.

We went HAM. Hit the gym everyday and dieted like mad men. I am proud to say I am in the best shape of my life and feel really good but I have to give a shout out to Trent with his progress is amazing.

This pic is Trent in the orange - pay no attention that this dude forgot to tie his shoes but notice hes in decent shape. He is 6 foot 3 inches tall and a lean 175 - we are all jelly already right? Well while I loosing weight and getting in shape Trent focus on putting on lean quality muscle by using his favorite supplement ever - FOOD.

Trent is the first to tell you that you cannot out train a shitty diet and that getting your proteins from meat such as chicken and steak is far far superior to that peanut butter mocha lava java shake protein shake.

Okay that is all well but why are we reading a post about some scrawny dude who cant tie his own shoes? Well check out the progress after a few years of eating clean and in a surplus.

What is the key? Diet Diet Diet. Obviously Trent is no stranger to the gym but the key to his success is consistency in kitchen as much as in the gym.

Weighing in at a lean 219 lbs Trent is ready to share his secret to his gains.

Here it is - Turkey burger....... WTF. Kidding but not kidding. Trent has 3 meals a day of 912 calories that consist of 1/2 cup mash potatoes, 1 cup turkey burger, 1/2 cup corn and 1/2 cup green beans.

In the mornings he enjoys some Kodiak protein pancake and a banana. Occasionally he will go out to eat with the boys but generally stick to a steak dinner or chicken and keeps his alcohol intake literally non existent. Alcohol is empty calories and the killer of gains. Trent and I both gave up alcohol a couple years ago in attempt to live a healthier life so I asked how he felt since that transition "Dude, it was the best decision we have ever made. I feel rejuvenated" - Trent Bolton. I couldn't agree more.

Whenever I feel like Ive learned all that I could or that I am catching my bestie in fitness he blows me out of the water with his commitment to diet and fitness. I guess ill have to work harder now.

Trent takes ZeusJuice Advanced pre-workout which can be purchased on our site and that is it for supplements.

Congrats on the gainz!

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