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Gushing Grape Has Arrived

ZeusJuice Advanced Pre-workout adds its fourth flavor Gushing Grape!

We always wanted to be the Baskin Robbins of pre-workout and have many flavor offerings to choose from. We have to grow organically to be able to do this. In asking our customers on Facebook and Instagram, I was surprised to see grape being requested. To my astonishment not a lot of companies even offer grape.

The only logical thing to do was buy some competitors grape pre and test it out. Well come to find out the reason there are not that many grape offerings is because they all taste like lavender detergent.

We set out to make Grape great again (see what I did there). Tasking our flavor engineers with a simple mission. Make grape and make sure it taste like grape and not like shit. Our first batch was ehhh ok. Our second batch was worse than the first batch but our third batch taste like Hubba Bubba Bubble Tape. For trademark infringement rules the fact that Wrigley owns the rights to Hubba Bubba we just went with Gushing Grape!

Our grape reminds you of that childhood bubble gum grape we all enjoyed. I would love to say that it takes me back to those days but that would be bullshit it just reminds me of bubble tape :).

Recommended Chilled. Fill your shaker with some ice and about 8-12 oz of water and enjoy Our new Gushing Grape.

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