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Holiday Cheat Meal Survival Guide

What a magical time of year this truly is. Friends and family from far away come to visit and spend quality time with loved ones. While this is a joy-est time of year it can actually be very difficult to follow your diet thus causing unwanted stress.

How many times have you heard "I am going to just eat whatever I want until new years because whats the point with the holidays coming up!"

Well, that's all BS. Stop lying to yourself and start becoming accountable for your own choices and actions.

I am not saying to not engage in some cheat meals. Enjoy all the holiday food you want!

Seriously. A few bad cheat meals will not inhibit your results. Consistency is the key but you do not get fat or overweight from one or two meals. Gaining weight is like loosing weight in reverse. It takes time.

This is not a license to gorge or sit on the couch and do nothing all day its simply a guilt free experience of enjoying life. Skipping the gym and enjoying a feast will not drastically impact your diet. On the other hand, pigging out all month because the holidays are coming up anyway will have negative effects on your over all physique.

The Guide

  1. Don't stuff your face - This is simple, don't over eat just because you can. We all know when we are full and once our appetite is maybe slightly more satisfied than usual just stop. Do you really need two pieces of Grandmas apple pie?

  2. Limit alcohol consumption - No need to get black out drunk because the boys are back in town. Remember, alcohol is the gains killer and is full of empty calories. Eat that extra slice of pie before you turn into Keith Stone.

  3. Stay active - Hit the gym before the festivities start or skip it and have a rest day as it really does not matter. Staying active means not to spend the entire day on the couch eating non stop. Get up and play with your nieces and nephews or children. Help set the table or do the dishes.

In the end its simple common sense. We just want to reiterate ourselves and say ENJOY YOUR LIFE after all you only get one. Being healthy is about making good decisions and better habits to enrich your fitness and your life. Obsessing to the point that you are not taking the time to enjoy the life you have is going in the opposite direction.

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