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Huel Review - Food of the Future?

In trying to stay fit and healthy we tend to get board following the same routine and will venture out and try new products or new fad diets just to see the effects. Sometimes we learn some life changing info and other times we are sad we just spend a shit ton of money.

So, why Huel? Obviously there is a big fuss out there right now with Netflix documentary "Game Changers" that has a lot of our gym brethren thinking of trying a plant based diet. Huel is a plant based MRE.

So you got me - I am a sucker for Netflix and after doing "The Carnivore Diet" I am completely changing gears to try a plant based lifestyle for a set amount of time. I am going to go 30 days to start and if I like the progress then it will be extended out to 90-180 days. Who knows if is as good as they say it is it may be one of those life changing experiences.

Now full disclosure as we are not advocating a meat only diet or a plant only diet we are simply trying something new to gauge the effectiveness for our own personal fitness journey.

Huel in a nutshell (no pun intended)

The mission of Huel is to make affordable 100 percent vegan friendly plant based sustainably and ethically pure food.

They take a zero food waste approach as you only use the Huel you consume and the powder has a 1 year shelf life!. Huel is affordable as well when giving that each shake is a MRE you can one of your daily meals in for only 1.95 per meal - which is pretty damn good in my opinion. I am using Huel to help supplement protein intake and this ensures that it is plant based inline with the plant based diet.

Huel is loaded with vitamins and minerals that your body needs to run at peak performance. Coming in at 400 calories per serving makes this an actual MRE instead of just a supplement snack shake.

Huel even suggest that you can live off Huel without the need to consume food for any other sources as long as your getting the calories you need in. While we are not taking that approach it is definitely possible!


The taste is actually surprising well. The formula is oat based so it is a bit chalky but its a wholesome taste that is not dissatisfying. The RTD version of Huel is incredibly smooth. Drinkability is a an 7/10 for the powder and a solid 9/10 for the RTD. They even have flavor boost packets to increase the flavor for the powder variants.


Affordability is a key component to Huels overall goals. Breaking down the cost if you were to subscribe and save 10% you an get your meals down $1.75 per serving. I don't care how effective you meal prep you are not touching a meal for $1.75 consistently. The RTDs are a bit more expensive at about 4 dollars per MRE and with the subscribe and save feature you can get them down to $3.71


Huel is priced right for an MRE and is great add on to a plant-based diet or a complete nutrition package. Is it for you? Hell that is up to you but its definitely worth checking out. Huel.com @huelusa

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