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Hypnos Coming Soon!

We have more ideas for products than we have a budget for! Our little supplement company is completely boot strap funded. This means that we are not beholden to bank loans or investors.

The bad part of not taking any outside money is that we are a little bit slower to release products and are limited in the initial flavor offerings. The good part is that we are not rushed to release sub par products in an effort for a quick money grab.

I would love to have a bigger advertising budget and faster development times but at this time we are doing the grass roots slow grow. Everything seems to be working just fine.

We first made our pre because we wanted it ourselves. Our next product is going to be a chill product - a sleep aid.

So many gym goers are taking stimulants wether it be from pre-workouts, thermogenic, and other gray area supplementing. This is all well and fine but taking stimulants often has one effect of affecting ones sleep schedule. We all know how important sleep is to our gains!

Why not combine a fat burner and recovery drink with a sleep aid? Get rest while getting yoked?

Everyone knows Zeus with his lighting bolts and clouds of awesomeness following him around. He is just the embodiment of energy.

Introducing Hypnos the Greek god of sleep! Hypnos was such a powerful god in Greek mythology that he could even put Zeus himself to sleep!

Hypnos is our nighttime aesthetics builder developed to build muscle and burn fat while promoting deep restful sleep.

Without giving too much away Hypnos cutting edge formula will have everything your body needs before bed to burn fat, increase muscle recovery, stimulate anabolic hormones and maximize deep REM sleep.

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