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Icon Meals - Meal prepping made easy!

So we get asked by end consumers the same questions "does your product work" well yes it does. Then the follow up is "how long until I see gains?"

There is a huge misconception in our industry that if you take X, Y, and Z your going to see massive results and we take the high road here because that is all bullshit.

Take all the supplements and steroids you want if you do not have a proper diet and training routine you will see absolutely nothing!

The #1 supplement that you should spend your money on is FOOD. My sales team says my honesty is counterproductive to sales but we are not here to take your hard earned dollars on some marketing scheme.

Now all that being said if you are overweight you can loose weight by diet alone - nothing else is needed. It is recommended that you add in some compound training or cardio but lets be 100 percent honest it starts with what you put in your mouth.

Meal prepping can be fun but it can also be a pain in the ass. A prime example is to be cost effective you general are eating a lot of the same foods 10 - 20 identical meals a week. In comes a Icon Meals!

Icon Meals is a meal prep service where you can purchase a variety of pre made fresh meals. You can purchase meals such as breakfast, lunch, and dinner or even snacks. Each meal has your macros clearly displayed as well as the caloric value of the food you are consuming.

Pick from a menu of deliciously made food or build a customer meal specific to your diet macros. The meals are shipped via fed ex overnight and delivered right to your door step! The best part is you just heat up your meals in the microwave or oven for a quick and healthy meal without all the fuss!

This is not a sponsored post in and we are not getting paid in anyway (wish we were). I am simply sharing my experience with this company as I have personally purchased this product.

The Pros:

  • Quick and easy

  • Affordable

  • Variety

  • Healthy

The Cons:

  • Expensive unless purchasing a decent quantity

  • Shipping cost

To be fair on the cons the only real negative is that you have to purchase a decent quantity for it to make sense. Example if a a meal is 8 dollars and shipping is fifty will you are not going to enjoy a 58 dollar lunch you could have made yourself for a few bucks. The breakdown for me personally is 15-20 meals before it makes sense to use this service.

I was able to use a 15 percent off coupon "Spin15" which brought the cost per meal down to around 6 dollars and some change which for the variety aspect I do not feel I could purchase the different ingredients and make the the meals and eat them in the allowed time to make it worth my time not to purchase Icon Meals.

My Recommendation

I would absolutely recommend Icon Meals. Not as a complete meal replacement service but as an add on to your diet to spice things up and get in the calories you need. Currently I am using them for lunch and dinner while 5 days a week - Monday thru Friday when I am just too busy to meal prep. For breakfast I am eating my usual eggs - because eggs are cheap AF and a great way to start to the day! who knows perhaps I will give the protein pancakes from Icon a whirl.

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