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Spartan Race "Super" Review

Yeah I got talked into doing a Spartan Race from a fellow gym bro. I got this dope ass medal to prove it.

Everyone wants a cool medal right? Hell yeah! Well your in luck because no matter how long it takes you to finish the race as long as you finish you get a sweet medal, finisher t-shirt and some goodies from sponsors like fit aid etc.

The Super is the 8 mile run with 29 obstacles throughout the course.

The obstacles include wall vaults, rope climbs, monkey bars, fire pits, water mud pits, rock bucket carry, and many more!

My initial though was this was going to be easy even though I do not train cardio as often as I probably should. The 8 mile run is broken up nicely with these obstacles and gives you a nice reprieve from the grueling cardio aspect - boy was I wrong! There is not much of a reprieve when your simply jumping over a wall! In reality the run was pretty gruesome for me.

I primarily train for strength training and leave cardio to the wayside - I mean I train hard so I don't have to run, right? Strength training really made the obstacles super easy as most relied heavily on upper body strength. While a fun twist to the run I personally had no issue completing them all. This was not the case for a lot of fellow "Spartans". If you fail an obstacle you must complete 30 bur-pees to continue on the race.

In review this was a super fun day and I really enjoy the experience. I would definitely do this again but I will respect the cardio side of things more, and start with the 5k sprint rather than the 8 mile super. I could see myself and crew going to a few of these next years to complete our trifecta medals. The medal is pretty cool because its a badge of doing something others chose not to do and I'm going to hang mine in my ZeusJuice office because even though it was not extremely difficult it still kicked my ass pretty good!

Training required for future runs would mandatory include cardio and honestly for the obstacles if you can crank out some unassisted pull ups you will do just fine.

There is a whole other aspect to these if you actually plan on competing and winning some cash as we just went to run the race and did not compete. If you are interested in becoming a Spartan - shake up your training days by running one of these races they are super fun and we all need a break from the gym ever now and then. Check out the Spartan race at https://www.spartan.com and if you need some pre-race fuel don't bother with their sponsors just take some ZeusJuice (shameless plug but its our site)!!

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