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Testing new flavor this week!

Always fun to give a little teaser but we have a couple of potential new flavors on the horizon for our pre-workout!

How we choose a flavor is actually pretty straight forward.

First we make sure the taste is good and pleasant. There are two camps of supplement takers - the majority of them will not drink something that taste like shit while the other will drink anything that works. While we understand the effectiveness of the second group we also believe that in 2019 with all the flavor technology available nothing should be unpleasant to drink!

Second we look to the market and what we feel will actually sell. I would personally love to make some exotic flavor that only exist in the world of ZeusJuice but the only people that get excited for that kind of new flavor are the supplement reviewers (we love you guys!). Since we have to sell the product after we produce it we need to make something that will appeal to the masses!

So this comes down to taking traditional flavor profiles and tweaking them to fit our customers exceptions and needs.

If you came here to find out what we have been drinking in our morning lifts then you will be sadly disappointed because until we get our retail product in the flavors will remain a MYSTERY!

Some of our local customers will be detrimental to deciding what avenue we move forward with when coming out with new flavors as they get to be guinea pigs!

New flavors? Why not new product categories? It is not hard for us to expand our product offerings to other products if we wanted to use generic run of the mill formulations. This would actually be a fairly easy way to grow our brand and product offerings but there is a small problem. There is nothing special about it. We have taken great pride in producing our pre-workout and want any new product offerings to be held to the same standard of excellence and custom formulations that make our product truly unique. We have been working a pump inducer for some time now and while I hate to say its delayed again we just have not dialed in the formula vs price that we feel is going to hit that mark for our customers.

Stay tuned as we will have more updates in the very near future!

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