• Derek

Why we no longer sell on Amazon

As a consumer I absolutely love Amazon.com but as an entrepreneur I hate it. People buy off Amazon because of two main reason.

1.) Trust - People have grown to trust Amazon. The customer service is top notch and you know you will not be left hanging if something does not go right. This is a big factor and why we place so much care on customer service.

2.) Price - Amazon has spent years aggressively pricing products to be the absolute cheapest online. It now has become habit to just accept whatever price they have listed. I mean why bother looking anywhere else to save 50 cents right? Well this actually has waned the last couple years were eBay has stepped as well as retailers selling on their own websites again.

Sell on Amazon for a fast buck and maximum exposure. Sell on our own website to actually cultivate a relationship with the consumers and participate in the industry we are in.

Our site is SSL secured and all payments are processed through Square or PayPal - we never see your credit card information nor is it ever stored on our site or servers. Still don't trust us? Buy from our eBay store.

We are the only authorized reseller of our products so if you buy from eBay your still buying from us!

Sorry Amazon fans but we do not plan on changing this policy. The only part that sucks for me on this is I will never hear "Alexa, Order more ZeusJuice!"

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