The CycloneCup is the absolute gold standard in fitness shaker bottles.


Why we love it 

  • Design The Cyclone cups unique funnel design attached to the lid makes mixing drinks an absolute breeze. Anyone who has ever had to clean the metal ball in the blender bottles will know what a pain they are to clean by hand or in the dishwasher. Mixes perfectly with no clumpy residue.
  • Lid The lid on the cup fits snug and secures rather easily. This thing can tip over in the gym or in your car and there is never a mess to worry about.
  • Handle Simply grab and go. Easy to carry and easy to control.
  • Wide mouth Lets face it not every supplement you drink from every manufacturer is going to taste like candy. Some supplements are downright nasty (not ours of course). The wide mouth design lets you chug the contents down with ease. Sometimes you’re in a rush and do not want to carry your bottle with you so drinking it fast is the best way to get your supplements in.


After using several fitness shakers we can only recommend one and that one is the CycloneCup.

ZeusJuice Cyclone Cup 32 oz

SKU: Cyclonecup32
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