PricePlow Review

We sent the guys over at our Orange Burst and Fruit Punch Advanced Pre-workout for an honest review. If you have followed them or seen any of their videos then you know they give praises when praises are due and totally thrash companies when something is off weight or does not live up to the hype. We had the utmost confidence in our product and were very pleased with the results of the review. Check it out and get an in-depth look at our product!

NoFate247 Review

Johnathan Over at the NoFate247 Channel did and excellent review on our products with cost breakdowns and his opinions on flavorings as well as our shipping options and current sales. We really enjoyed working with NoFate and hope to again in the near future. Check them out on youtube facebook and Instagram 


@NoFate247 #NoTripBack

Supplement Kitchen Review

We sent our product over to Corey at Supplement Kitchen and  he did an in-depth review on our product. We actually ranked #2 in his list of best pre-workouts for 2018. Obviously we should have been #1 but we won't hold it against our friends at Supplement kitchen.

"Conclusion: The final verdict on Zeus Juice is definitely a recommendation for anyone looking to move heavy stuff like a God. In my opinion this one may be close to perfect. I do want to thank ZeusJuiceOnline for the chance to complete this review! So head over follow them on Instagram > ( ) & check out their products for yourself. I will be looking to work with them more in the future! Until then STAY AWESOME" -Supplement Kitchen

Check out the full review here.

5 Minute Supp Reviews

We sent our Advanced pre-workout over to Matt at 5 Minute Supplement Reviews for an Instagram and YouTube review. Check out what he has to say. We have not had a bad review yet and I am pleased to have another positive honest review from a respected member of the community!